Millions of chords,
for any tuning
you can think of.

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The power and simplicity of ChordBank, for open and alt tunings.

Chords. Scales. Reverse Chord Finder, and more. Master over 100 built-in open and alternate tunings, or add your own with just a few taps.

Download Alt Tunings on the App Store

Know all the chords.

Alt Tunings comes packed with serious theory chops.

Tunings galore

Choose from over a hundred built-in tunings. Not enough? Add custom tunings with just a few taps!

Smart Chord Selection

Our algorithm finds the best sounding and easiest to play chords in every tuning, from Open D to Hawaiian Slack Key.

Recent Tunings, Right There

Alt Tunings remembers what tunings you used last, so it’s easy to pick right back up where you left off.

Custom Tunings with a Tap

Make your own custom tunings, and generate thousands of chords.

Hundreds of tunings. Millions of chords.

Your partner in alternate tunings.

Download Alt Tunings on the App Store