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5 awesome guitar gifts under $23 for the 2016 holidays.

Weird but awesome gifts you’ve never heard of, but will immediately want to buy.

The guitar hanger lets you hang your guitar in your closet.

The Guitar Hanger

$21.81, Amazon

Any reason nobody thought of this before?

Hang up your guitar in any closet with the Guitar Hanger. Much better use of closet space than “coats”.

More info at TheGuitarHanger.com

Guitar Chord Stamp

$7.90, Amazon

Go old school and add chord shapes to your handwritten lead sheets with this handy stamp for less than ten bucks!

Or turn it 90 degrees, and you’ve got four strings for the uke.

More info at Mr. Power

Pick Punch

$22.95, Amazon

Make new picks from old credit cards, photo IDs.

(Make sure they’re really expired first. The TSA will not accept picks as valid identification.)

More info at pickpunch.

Wedgie Pick Holder

$4.05, Amazon

Yeah, it looks more at home on a tennis racket than on a guitar. The wedgie holds two picks within easy reach.

More info at wedgie.com. (Yes, they got that website name, too.)

String Stretcha

$12.50, Amazon

Everyone changes their strings the same way: put the strings on, stretch with your fingers a lil’ bit. Tune up. Stretch. Tune. Stretch. Tune. Repeat.

The String Stretcha says it gently stretches your strings in a single motion.

More info at stringstretcha.com. (Yes, they got that website name, too.)

Did we miss anything?

What’s the best unexpected guitar gift you ever got?

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