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These guys made a Fender Stratocaster out of cardboard.

Can you make a guitar out of your old Amazon boxes? Turns out, yes. And it’s breathtaking.

YouTube / SignalSnowboard

Dave Lee, co-founder of Signal Snowboards, teamed up with Ernest Packaging and the Fender Custom Shop in their latest episode of Chardboard Chaos to turn plain cardboard into a working Fender stratocaster. And then Linkin Park played it.

One of the biggest challenges—the neck on an average strat holds about 250 pounds of torque, Lee says. “Wood works well, always has. But paper?”

YouTube / SignalSnowboard

The team used cardboard jigs to glue together intricuit arrays of cardboard stock, mimicking the properties of the more traditional materials (meaning wood) that Fender themselves uses.

Then they handed those pieces off to Fender’s custom shop, who cut, shaped and assembled the finished product.

And then they took it to the studio. With Linkin Park, where guitarist Dave Farrell and lead vocalist Chester Bennington tested it out.

YouTube / SignalSnowboard

“I don’t people understand how insane the process of putting a paper neck on the guitar is,” Bennington said, as Farrell tuned up.

“The similarity in terms of just the look of it compared to what i’m used to is amazing, what they’ve been able to do,” Farrell said as he prepared to knock out a solo in the studio with the paper axe.

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