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The B7 Chord

Paul McCartney likes to tell the story talked about how he and the other Beatles went all the way across Liverpool on a bus to find a guy who knew how to play B7.

B7 is one of those chords I would put not in the "super beginner" chords series, like a G or a D or a C, and I also wouldn't put it with some of th barre chords, like F or B minor. I'd put it kind of right in the middle of those.

It's not a difficult chord And only because you have to use four fingers, which is difficult for some people to do. You have to use your pinky.

Finger Placement

One good way to think about learning new chords is breaking them down into shapes. I think about triangles. I think about rectangles. I think about squares.

You can think about B7 as a kind of a triangle-shaped chord—it almost looks like a flag waving backwards on your fretboard.

Take your first finger, and put it on the fourth string, right behind the first fret.

Your next two fingers, you're going to put them on either side, one fret up, making a kind of a triangle, pointed back towards the headstock of your guitar.

And then, just tuck your little finger up onto the first string, underneath the other two behind the second fret.

Play highest five strings.