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Helping millions play guitar better, since 2010.

The best Grateful Dead guitar lessons taught by dead heads.

How do you know if your guitar teacher is a Dead Head?

They’ll start the lesson with, “Well, in the ’70s, they played it more like…”

Below, find some of the best fans and pros teach you to play the music they love.

Stich Method Guitar

Ian from Stich method guitar takes you through solos from Fire on The Mountain and Bertha.

And, for Tre fans, he’s got some Phish videos, too.


Possibly the best regarded Grateful Dead teacher on the internet, Seth Fleischman walks you throug a free lesson for Eyes of the World.

Clayton Bonjean

What is more YouTube than a guy on his couch with a Telecaster?

Clayton really knows his stuff. Below, he’ll show you how to play Franklins Tower, Turn on Your Love Light, and Sugaree, but be sure to check out the rest of his videos for more.

Jerry’s Guitar Techniques

Jonathan Russell takes an academic approach to Jerry’s guitar licks.

Lucas Arre

Just a kid in his bedroom with a Stratocaster and a tapestry. Making it happen.